Downloads (Adobe AIR)


         Adobe AIR Version

         NEWDownload StreamPulse AIR (Version 3.2.0)

         (Runs on Adobe AIR 2.2 [Windows, Mac, and Linux]and at least 1GB RAM)



          Version 3.2.0
          Upgraded the core media library for various bug fixes and features.



         * StreamPulse AIR (Version 3.1.1) (Added brackets around values for PRTG support.)

         * StreamPulse AIR (Version 3.1.0) (Added fcsubscribe=Y feature for some CDN)

         * StreamPulse AIR (Version 3.0.8) (Change success criteria to 'currentTime > 0')

         * StreamPulse AIR (Version 3.0.7) (Add success criteria 'bufferLength > 0')

         * StreamPulse AIR (Version 3.0.6) (Added various statistics [buffer, bytes, etc])

         * StreamPulse AIR (Version 3.0.5) (Initial AIR release)



Testing for the First Time


          StreamPulse receives work tasks via HTTP requests.  To test the application,
          simply open your web browser and point to a URL similar to below.




Installation Tips (AIR/Version 3.x.x)

- Download and install Adobe Air

- License should be copied into the folder, by default they are
   - WINDOWS:  c:\ProgramFiles\StreamPulse AIR\
   - MAC: /Applications/StreamPulse
   - LINUX: /opt/StreamPulse AIR/share


*Mac - Using "Terminal", type on the shell (this will open finder):

>open "/Applications/StreamPulse"


Nagios Plugin


          Download the Nagios Plugin that integrates with StreamPulse.



Terms and Support



30-day Evaluation License


Please enter your information below so we can email you a 30-day license.  Note that email will be sent from [license (at)] in case you need to white list it.