Number of Licenses


Deploying StreamPulse depends on your system needs.  The first thing to consider is your realm of responsibility.  Are you a content distribution network?  Or do you rely on a CDN to publish your content?  Below are a few examples on how StreamPulse are deployed.



Large Scale Deployment

(Content Distribution Networks)


For CDNs, we would recommend StreamPulse be installed near every geographical CDN pool, on each tier of the CDN, and on the origin server/encoders network.  This would help isolate the problem down to the specific instance or tier immediately.




Medium Scale Deployment

(Companies producing and distributing their content)


For medium-sized deployment, we recommend installing StreamPulse on three different networks: (i) the origin servers/encoders, (ii) customer facing load balanced streaming servers, (iii) external network to monitor inbound connectivity.




Small Scale Deployment

(Companies producing content and relying on a CDN for publishing)


For small scale deployment, we would recommend StreamPulse instances both near the origin servers/encoders, as well as on external network to monitor server connectivity.




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StreamPulse can be purchased on a per-host basis regardless of the number of CPU.  Each virtual machine running on a physical host requires a license each (US$299 each).